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Drifting or anchored in 2015?

December 28, Cliff Powell
Hebrews 13:1-7


A stable influence Christmas Day

December 25, Steve Everist
Luke 2:1-14

Our family portrait of Mary Joseph and Jesus is so enduring because there is a quality of reality surrounding Jesus that is completely unique.

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A stable influence part 4

December 21, Steve Everist
Luke 1:26-38

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The experience that Mary wants to share with us is that it is the great desire of God to become part of our family so we can become part of his family.

A stable influence part 3

December 14, Ric Bollen
John 1:1-14

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“In the beginning was the Word.” This “word” became a human just like us from a place of absolute perfection into a world full of sin.

A stable influence part 2

December 7, Steve Everist
Mark 1:1-8

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As Jesus broke through into human history with a “plan, proclamation, peculiar messengers and power”, so God is going to break through into the history of this church and into the history of you and me.

A stable influence part 1

November 30, Steve Everist
Mark 13:24-31

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Our Advent and Christmas preaching theme is Jesus as our stable influence. It is Jesus who can help us find stability and peace in the middle of life’s raging storms.

No average Joe part 4

November 23, Fiona Wheeler
Genesis 42 & 50

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In the life and story of Joseph, we see the value of a character centered in faith and trust in the Lord. And most importantly able to forgive.

No average Joe part 3

November 16, Cliff Powell
Genesis 40

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Joseph is in prison and God doesn’t seem to care. But it is clear that Joseph has kept a guard on his heart and refused to let go of his trust in God!

No average Joe part 2

November 9, Genesis 39

• 9.30am service Dennis Thams

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Joseph was being prepared not only for the life of a successful leader but also a man of compassion, a communicator, a man of integrity.

• 6pm service Katrina Freeston

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We see how Joseph’s character is shaped by his response to pain and suffering inflicted on him by others.

No average Joe part 1

November 2, Ric Bollen
Genesis 37:1-11

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No condemnation for us who are in Christ Jesus means we can be whoever God wants us to be. That is true freedom!

Our personal relationship with God

October 26, Martin Barrow
Phillipians 2:1-11


Marty shares about Our Neighbours Ministry and God’s desire to have a personal relationship with us because of His overwhelming love for us as individuals.

A sacrifice of praise

October 19, Steve Everist
Psalm 150 and Romans 12:1-5

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What would be the consequences if we forgot either the ‘vertical’ or the ‘horizontal’ aspects of music at church?

The most valuable thing in the world

October 12, Steve Everist
Luke 8:40-56

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All life has value to God and that humans have the greatest value. God’s perfect love anchors our life and anchors our love.


October 5, Fiona Wheeler
2 Samuel 11

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How do you feel about God’s love for you when you feel particularly unlovable?

Two Lost Souls

September 28, 9.30am, Michael Bennett
Luke 15:25-32

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Reflecting on the older son in the Prodigal Son story.

Faith in whom … fear of what?

September 28, 6pm, Michael Bennett
Mark 4:35-41

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Jesus calming the storm

In God’s Family

September 21, Peter Francis
1 Corinthians 12:12-27

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What is the Body of Christ and what does it mean to be part of God’s family?

Rescue Response – surrounded by His presence part 2

September 7, Ric Bollen
Exodus 2:1-10, 23-25

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Moses’ deliverance in infancy foreshadows Israel’s rescue from Egypt. How will God rescue us? How will we respond?

Rescue Response – surrounded by His presence part 1

August 31, Ric Bollen
Psalm 124 & Romans 8:35-39

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In the Bible there is an ongoing story of rescue that leads to a response. This is only possible because of the continuing presence of a loving heavenly father.

People of Influence part 4

August 24, Steve Everist
John 8:1-12

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In order to be an influence in the world we need to take some action if the world is to see light in the darkness.

People of Influence part 3

August 17, Steve Everist
John 6:60-71

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For anything worth having there is always a price to pay. There is a cost to being a person of influence for Jesus, of being his light in the world.

In God’s Family (The Body of Christ)

September 21, Peter Francis
1 Corinthians 12: 12-27

What is the Body of Christ and what does it mean to be part of God’s family?

Study notes

For anything worth having there is always a price to pay. There is a cost to being a person of influence for Jesus, of being his light in the world.

People of Influence part 2

August 10, Steve Everist
John 3:1-21

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Jesus calls us to follow him: not simply to be light in the world but light of the world. How can we access the power of God to be this light?

People of Influence part 1

August 3, Steve Everist
John 1:35-51

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Looking through the lens of Our Neighbours Ministry we seek greater clarity as to how each and every one of us, through Christ, can be people of influence.

God is OK with my anger

July 27, Steve Everist
Psalm 109

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Anger can be a taboo subject in Christian circles. But is God okay with our anger? What does this mean for the way we deal with our anger?

Jesus at the Centre

July 20, Steve Everist
John 21:1-19

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How can we be more intentional to have Jesus in the centre of our everyday lives, even at work? What are the best opportunities we have to share our faith and with who?

Shepherd the People part 2

July 13, Nigel Rogers
Acts 20:22-38

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The call for all of us to shepherd and increase the fruitfulness is one that many need to be attentive to today.

Shepherd the People part 1

July 6, Nigel Rogers
Acts 20:22-38

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The call for all of us to shepherd and increase the fruitfulness is one that many need to be attentive to today. In this consider: Spirit’s leading, Sacrifice and Stickability.

The call of the Holy Spirit

June 29, Dennis Thams
Joshua 5:13-15, Acts 1:4-5 and 7-8, Acts 2:17-21, Acts 13:2

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The Spirit of God wants to take a more active part in our daily life and plans for his church as we pray and serve together.

Moving Forwards Part 7

June 22, Nigel Rogers
Acts 4:1-14


This sermon looks at being an authentic Christian. How do we do that?

Moving Forwards Part 6

June 15, Steve Everist
Revelation 4

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The question for each of us that has heaven holding its breath is “will we worship sincerely”? Because when we worship faithfully heaven moves and we become giants.

Moving Forwards Part 5

June 8, Nigel Rogers
Acts 2:1-13

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Diligent leaders who humbly commit to serving the cause of Christ will underpin a fruitful church.

Moving Forwards Part 4

June 1, Steve Everist
Luke 24:13-32

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Let us look at the Bible as a relationship: a friend you see because they care about you. And as a gift to feast on rather than a project to complete.

God interruption

May 25, Nigel Rogers
Matthew 16:24-28

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Any God interruption is Jesus saying “follow me”. This call can be radical and life-changing or in the little things which accumulate to bring definition to our character, capacity and commitment.

Moving Forwards Part 3

May 18, Steve Everist
Daniel 6:1-11

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As Christians we know the importance of prayer but often something happens in the interchange between our head and our daily lives and we just don’t do this simple activity.

Moving Forwards Part 2

May 11, Nigel Rogers
Deuteronomy 1:6-8

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The answer to any question in regard to reaching out in love to others is always “yes”. How can we increase our “yes” answers as a church?

Moving Forwards Part 1

May 4, Nigel Rogers
Joshua 18:1-7

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One of the pivotal elements of growing as a fruitful church is “belonging”. An essential part of belonging comes from knowing what it is that we belong to.

New Life – Back to Foundations

April 27, Cliff Powell
John 3:1-21


Taking a look at the foundations we need for new life in Christ.

The King is coming! King of Life

April 20, Steve Everist
Easter Sunday
John 20:1-19

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The King is coming and he is the King of Life! Let this life rage through me, let it flash in my eyes, let it take me captive, let me walk in the newness of your life as I bow my head to you O King of Life, O King of my life.

The King is coming! King of Sacrifice

April 18, Steve Everist
Good Friday
John 19:16-30

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The King is coming and he is the King of Sacrifice! It is only when we draw closer to the source – to Jesus – with all our needs that only he can answer, do we really begin to hear God’s heart for us.

The King is coming! King of Hope

April 13, Steve Everist
John 12:12-28

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The King is coming and he is the King of Hope! Come to the King of Hope where there is healing, because he knows just how you feel and he is a defender, come to the King of Hope because he alone has the power to conquer sin.

Restoration, Revival and Rebirth

April 6, Ric Bollen
Ezekiel 37:1-14

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This is a powerful statement of a God’s power to re-create with the primary meaning for the exiles in their despair. Where is God? Is there a future?

Chosen, anointed and filled

March 30, Ric Bollen
1 Samuel 16:1-13

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How is Easter really a story of God at work, in Jesus to eternally untangle our world? What three things does God give us to untangle our lives?

Untangle Part 4

March 23, Steve Everist
Romans 8:9-17

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We examine the tangles in our identity. God has encoded into you an identity as a child of God. The process of growing into your true identity in Christ can take some time but it can be trusted absolutely.

Untangle Part 3

March 16, Steve Everist
Hebrews 12:1-13

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God’s saving grace touches down amongst darker often hidden aspects of our lives for the purpose of setting us free from that which would slowly strangle and destroy.

Untangle Part 2

March 9, Steve Everist
Romans 8:1-8

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How do we respond to the word sin? Sin is the most useful and beautiful word in the world because it names the darkness and shows us the way out.

Untangle Part 1

March 2, Steve Everist
Romans 8:1-8

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The Spirit-filled mind looks at the world through the lens of God’s power, and not through the tangles of our humanness. The Spirit-filled mind wakes with the thought that a powerful God is walking beside us today.

Fruitful Part 4

February 23, Nigel Rogers
John 15:9-17

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Whether the destination and the road is known or unknown a road trip always represents breaking the normality of life because it is a journey that leads to somewhere different.

Fruitful Part 3

February 16, Nigel Rogers
John 15:1-8

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When our lives stem from Jesus, the true vine, it allows us to be our true selves. How do you experience this playing out in your life?

Fruitful Part 2

February 9, Nigel Rogers
John 15:1-8

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Our vision is to be fruitful in Christ’s love above all else. This is a collective perspective, which allows us to find our place in it personally.

Fruitful Part 1

Vision Sunday, February 2, Nigel Rogers
John 15:1-17

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We enter into a new season as God’s fruitful people. We hope it will produce a love that is fruitful and rich to many in this community and beyond.

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